Welcome to ProceduralAudio.com, where we examine why procedural audio is such an amazing technology for all creatives dealing with sounds, from game developers to animators and sound artists.

With procedural audio, instead of playing recorded sounds, we define mathematical models that represent these sounds. The models can then be used to generate audio signals, based on the values of their parameters, and real-time inputs from a designer, a game engine, an animation curve etc...


Example: Action Sequence

Example: Natural Environments

Example: Daily Life

Benefits of using procedural audio

Procedural audio can be advantageously used in
video games, 2D and 3D animation, motion design, audio post-production,
toys, embedded devices and more!


For sound designers and game developersGameSynth

GameSynth is the most powerful procedural audio tool available today. Used in game studios across the world, it allows for the design of amazing sound effects with its dedicated Whoosh, Retro, Impact, Particles, Footsteps, Weather, Voice FX and Engines synthesizers. Procedural audio enthusiasts can also connect 135 types of modules to create their own synthesizers in GameSynth’s visual patching system.

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DSP Series

For indie, mobile game developers and animatorsDSP Series

With these Dynamic Sound Packs, you just need to select a category, choose a sound, and adjust the parameters to generate the perfect sound for your project: fantastic creatures, magic spells, sword fights and dungeon ambiences with DSP Fantasy, futuristic cities, aliens, robots, spaceships, and blasters with DSP Sci-Fi, iconic sound effects from old platformers, shooters or beat’em ups with DSP Retro, and anime-style sounds with DSP Anime.

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DSP Motion

For motion designers and content creatorsDSP Motion

DSP Motion, also part of the DSP Series, allows motion designers, animators, sound artists, and content creators to easily create amazing sound effects, simply by drawing them with a tablet or a mouse! Ideal to add sounds to animated logos, character animations, visual effects, user interfaces and more!

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DSP Action

For game developers and movie creatorsDSP Action

DSP Action makes it possible to draw highly dynamic sound effects (hits, crashes, mechanisms…) for action-packed teasers, games, and animations. In addition to its many synthesis parameters, interactions with generative graphics can trigger and transform sounds, allowing for the creation of an infinity of variations.

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Movie Synth

For video and animation creatorsMovieSynth

MovieSynth revolutionizes audio post-production by applying procedural audio and AI techniques to movie making. Get high-quality sound models from the largest procedural audio database available today, and make them match what’s happening on screen automatically, saving you precious time and money!

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